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China Current Network is an independent news agency which publishes articles in both Chinese and English to cater to its different target audiences. While its core focus is on China, it covers news from all across the world. Its bases are on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, North America and the United Kingdom. China Current is in the process building a leading public platform for independent news coverage. In addition to concentrating on current affairs, the economic environment and advances in science and technology, we also pay attention to the dark side of modern society and raise the profile of the plight of those who have suffered due to the market economy. China Current is a trailblazer in digging up “the stories behind the news”, and works to observe social trends in an objective and specialised manner.

We have more than 80 volunteers. Some hold high positions in international media organisations or well-known international companies. Some are graduate students from a wide range of fields. Most of these students have held internships at reputable market media organisations or have contributed to national-level research projects. Others are undergraduate students who have been carefully selected for high levels of academic achievement. These volunteers come from Oxford University, Harvard University, The University of British Columbia, The University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, and other well-known universities from across the world.

China Current has a particularly close relationship with many universities and hopes to foster new links with others as well. It also works in close cooperation with a wide range of international and Chinese media organisations.

We hope that in this age where everything is recorded, we will be able to nurture a group of outstanding journalists. The Chinese edition of China Current was established on January 1st 2013, International Edition is opened on September 1st 2013 and China Current Idea Centre – Research Service is set up on April 1st 2014.